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The main function of the Alliance of Residential Care Administrators is to take care of our clients, attend to their needs, assist them to live safely, comfortably and happy in a family setting.

Services provided by Alliance of Residential Care Administrators include:

Develop, advocate and support legislation and regulations that will enhance the quality of life of our members' long term care residents.

Provide in-service education and training for members and non-members, in order to raise the standards of our industry and provide better quality long term care for residents.

Inform the public, regulatory and legislative bodies, as well as our fellow long term caregivers of opportunities, challenges and timely information about our industry.

Work together with other care home organizations to improve the quality of care in our industry and do our part to educate the public of our improvements.

Make the benefits of membership available to all licensed level 1 residential care homes.

What is a Care Home?

The Adult Residential Care Home (ARCH) concept, creates 24-hour living accommodations for adults (unrelated to the caregiver) to live and maintain their dignity in a safe, loving, caring home and family environment, also referred to as a "social model" of care.

Every ARCH is required to be licensed with the State of Hawaii Department of Health, to provide housing, meals, and personal care in a family setting, for those who need assistance or are no longer able to perform all the activities of daily living for themselves. An ARCH may have up to 5 residents.


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