Nursing Home Facts

*47 percent of patients in United States nursing homes don't need to be in that type of environment. Usually, the families are not aware of any other alternatives that are available to them and their loved ones.

*Average time spent with a patient by skilled personnel is alarming. The following are the average times spent in a 24-hour period:

  • Doctor - l/2 minute per day
  • Nurse - 7 minutes per day
  • CNA - Provides 90% of the actual care given

*Common Traits of these Institutions:

  • No segregation between settings for work, play, and sleep,
  • Every phase of life is carried out in the immediate company of others.
  • Activities are tightly scheduled with one activity leading to another at a prearranged time.
  • Sequence of activities is impaired through a system of explicit formal rules and is enforced by a number of officials.
  • Contact with other institutions on the outside is usually limited.

Source: John Hopkins University research.

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